Acoustic TrackingSON diver_receiver

Equipment for the tracking of marine animals, pingers for marking equipment to aid it's relocation and telemetry devices for transmitting temperature, depth or tilt. Applications include sealife population surveys, environmental impact studies, hydropower station design, relocation of underwater equipment lost during storms or dragged by fishing nets, checking verticality of underwater equipment mounts and relocating ROVs or survey equipment.

Digital Video RecordersInspector 2012_1

Digital Video equipment for the ROV and Diving market including HD and SD Digital Video Recorders, multi-channel pipeline inspection DVRs, and completd digital video inspection camera systems.


Sectors include ROV and Diving operations in the offshore market; infrastructure inspection in the power market and various military operations.

Underwater Cameras and LightsDVCi-HD pair_web

Diver's hat and hand held cameras and LED lights and ROV High Definition Cameras systems

Ancillary Video Equipmentoverlay 1u

Video Overlays, rack mountable monitors, switchers, distribution amplifiers and time base correctors. Upscalers and downscalers and broadcast products.

Marine and Oceanographic EquipmentBuoy web_250.355

From EIVA we have a range of equipment including wave rider bouys, towed vehicles, oceanograpgic winches and sensor synchronising hardware. We can also offer RTK base stations, vessel motion sensors and water level recorders.


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