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Video Overlays


VideoTXT Range


The VideoTXT range is a solid state Video Overlay system. Available with up to 4 channel of video input, data input is via a keyboard, the standard fit dual serial port interface or via a LAN option with industry standard commands. The system has video conditioning built-in and has video pass through on all channels. it is a non PC based system thus making it an instant on/off device.




  • 1U Rack mount chassis
  • Solid-state instant power on / off
  • PS2 keyboard input
  • Dual RS232 inputs (optional 3rd input)
  • Bypass relays pass through video when powered off
  • Video input line conditioners
  • Available in 1,2,3,4 video channel versions
  • Battery backed-up clock for time/date generation.
  • Individually addressable channels (i.e. different text on each channel)
  • Uses established serial commands
  • Auto select PAL / NTSC
  • Selectable Font sizes
  • Selectable text shades, outlines and background
  • Optional 4 channel analogue input with isolation for CP
  • LAN interface option with easy setup via keyboard or web browser from lan

    VideoTXT data sheet 

overlay 1u 

Video Monitors

19" rack monitor


 TV ONE_19_flat_screen

Dual 10.4" rack monitor

TV dual_10.4_flat_screen


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