Digital Video Recorders


Field upgradeable DVRs

NETmc Marine has revamped its entire range of digital video recorders, and in doing so has revolutionised the ROV and commercial diving DVR market. Introduced in 2019, its a DVR development that can be configured to replace any of NETmc Marine's historical models such as the DVRi; 73Fifty; X-Ops and Four264 as well as its Pelicase versions and diver systems. The concept is that clients can buy a basic DVR and configure it as they require and re-configure it at a later date should their requirements change, so order the unit with a single channel composite input and over time introduce HD-SDI channels, or HDMI or even IP cameras working over Ethernet. Software options like Video Overlay or software integration to integrity packages can be done in the filed and can even be rented. Basically, this could be the only DVR you would ever need.

This unit also replaces the dedicated DVCiR topside controller, al l that is needed is to load an App to control the zoom.

NETmc Marine Flexible DVR 

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