Diver's Video Systems


High Definition

Integrated Dive'r Systems (IDS) range 

The Integrated Diver System IDS is a preconfigured diver video system complete with DVR, power controls for cameras and lights and optional diver comms modules. Available in three versions and using standard NETmc Marine components, there is an IDS suitable for all applications.


Rack Case System


The 19" rack version of this can be configured to meet the clients specific requirements, it can have as many DVRs, overlays and camera/lamp conjtrollers as is required by the project, all the components are standard NETmc marien products integrated in to one package.


Key features include:

  • Standard MPEG4 DVR installed
  • Standard video overlay installed
  • Configureable for almost any camera
  • 19" rack


Diver allblue_with_camera_crop



IDS Peli

The IDS Peli, is a singell or multi-channel MPEG4 veraion of the standard DVR range. this unit has a large 19" screen and built-in diver comms. the unit cab be used as a single channel DVR in which case the whole video screen is given over to the single channel.
Key features include:
  • Standard DVR built -in
  • 19" monitor
  • Battery back-up
  • GGA input string
  • Standard VideoTXT overlay operation
  • Built-in dibver comms


    IDS Pel_X-Ops_2i

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