Subsea Cameras and Lights


High Definition Cameras



High defnition video recording system for ROV suirable for use ove Ethernet or twisted pair, as such it is perfect to upgrade your old or smaller vehicles video capabilities without having to upgrade your umbilicals, muxes or control shacks. DVCi-R works with the NETmc Marine DVCi SCU (surface control unit) where camera zoom is controlled and the video is recorded. Using H264 compression keeps the volumedata from the camera suficiently low to allow it to be sent over a 10/100 ROV Ethernet. Additionally with the use of a subsea twisted pair driver, the camera data could be sent using any unused copper twisted pair instead. The topside software will be familiar to users of NETmc Marine's inspection systems as the interface is very similar to the DVRi and can therefore also be control by 3rd party inspection software



  • Optical 10X zoom
  • H264; 720p, 1080i and 1080P Formats
  • Full screen display with floating controls
  • Works with Coabis and E-Inspect intergity software
  • Integrated videooverlay

    DVCiR data sheet 

DVCi-HD pair 


Based on the same transmission technology as the DVCiR, the DVCiP is a multi-camera pipeline system allowing up to four camera signals to be transmitted over the same Ethernet or twisted pair. Idea; for pipeline inspection, the system genertaes far lower volumes of data is comparison to HD SDI camera systems, and at an affordable price. The SCU also synchronises the video signals and can interface to survey software like EIVA t produce a typical pipeline inspection view.


  • Up to four HD cameras
  • Cameras 6000m rated as standard
  • Bottle depth rating options 2000m and 3000m
  • H264 Formats
  • Works with EIVA software

    DVCiP data sheet

dvci pipeline_image


As higher quality is demanded by all clients, it was about time that diver video was upgraded. The DVCiP uses the divers existing canling to send the HD video over a twisted pair or coax. In Bell operations the DVCiD amera plugs into the diver's excursion umbilical and then into an interface box in the bell. The same SCU is used as with the other systems making it interchangeable across the range. With built-in video overlay, the DVCiD is also Coabis comoatible.


  • Single HD camera
  • Full screen display with floating controls
  • Uses existing diver cabling
  • Suitaqble for surface supply or bell operations
  • Interfaces to Coabis and E-inspect software

    DVCiD data sheet
 helmet closeup


The DVCiSR is the video system that evey small ROV owner has been waiting for, it even fits on some MicroROVs. The SCU comes in a Pelicase and has the same easy to understand GUI as the rest of the cameras in the DVCi range.


  • Single HD camera
  • Full screen display with floating controls
  • Uses existing ROV cabling
  • Interfaces to AUX port on VideoRay
  • Interfaces to Coabis and E-inspect software

    DVCiSR data sheet

  •  vr1



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