Digital Video Recorders; Standard and High Definition


Standard Definition DVRs

DVR Inspector Range

The DVR Inspector range consists of high-end products designed and proven for 24/7/365 operations with a host of advanced features not generally found on digital video recorders. The basic model is preconfigured with a built-in video overlay, microphone input, pass through video, and live view GUI.


Other features include:


  • Simple record / stop operation
  • Clear visual status feedback
  • Scaleable video quality
  • User definable file sizes
  • Take video grabs to jpeg
  • Take video clips live without disturbing main recording
  • Output complies with standard viewers and GIS systems
  • Extract clips live
  • Composite / Stereo Audio Inputs
  • Composite video output
  • Audio recording indicator (on screen and front panel)
  • Optional HSE Digital Blackbox simultaneous recording option
  • Ideal for structural inspection and construction support
  • MPEG 1 or MPEG2
  • Network access and control from a remote PC
  • Simple toolkit and API for integration into 3rd party products


The DVR Inspector Peli, is a standard DVR Inspector repackaged in a Peli case with a monitor built-in to the lid and keyboard integrated in the control panel for overlay operation and general data input.


Inspector 2012_1


Inspector GUI_2010





DVR peli-new_300dpi

73fifty range

The 73fifty is a solid sate, MPEG2 VCR/DVDR replacement; it is robust and easy to use. The basic model is built in to a 19" rack mount 1U case and has all video connections on the rear and USB and microphone connections on the front panel. Simple VCR/DVD type controls on the front panel allow the user to navigate the menu, record; play; pause and take grabs. There is a VU meter and  button to takes stills during recording, playback or when just monitoring the video. The internal hard drive allows for up to 270 hours of video to be recorded, this is dependent on user settings of bit rate and files size. When the unit is recording the on/off switch is disabled for safety. furthermore, the unit can be triggered by an external 12V supply, in this case the front panel is disabled so no one can accidently switch the machine off.


The systems have two outputs, the main one being the live pass through of the video ans the second being a delayed output from the encoder. the delayed output or QC screen, allows the user to check the quality of the video signal as it comes straight from the encoder, this induces a very slight delay on this screen.


The Black Box version differs from the basic unit in tree ways. First; the front panel is Black, second; the files sizes are fixed at 5minutes and third; when the unit's hard drive gets full the DVR will overwrite the oldest file; thus making it ideal for Diving HSE recording requirements.


The Peli version of the 73fifty is housed in a 1430 Pelican case with a built in screen in the lid and a keyboard on the control panel to control the integrated video overlay. there are inputs for serial data, such as GGA strings from a GPS receiver, or survey data from a navigation software package.




73fifty rack




73fifty rack_BB


73fifty Peli

X-Ops Range

The X-Ops is a multichannel DVR recording in the MPEG4 H263 format. The unit is built-in to a 3U high rack mount housing with all video connectoins on the rear. the X-Ops can be configured in a number of ways, with  a variety of display options.


Available as a 1,2,3 or 4 channel recorder. separate harware encoders for each channel make it flexible, cost effective and robust. Link all channels together for a synchronised 'pipeline survey' system or keep them separate and have 4 recorders in 1! When used as separate recorders, file names, locations, still image grabs and recording controls are separate for each recorder. One or more channel can be linked into a 'group' for synchronised start - e.g. ch1 and ch2 can be grouped together leaving ch3 and ch4 as seperate or ch1, ch2, ch3 can be grouped together to start with one record press, leaving ch4 as an independent recorder.  


Standard features include:


  • Simple record / stop operation
  • On screen live views
  • Uses the same remote control command set as the DVR Inspector series
  • On screen storage capacity indicator
  • MPEG4 video files for reduce archive size
  • Front panel microphone input
  • Rear video pass through
  • Removable storage which has USB interface
  • RCA Audio inputs on rear
  • Separate or synchronised recording of multi channels




  • Digital dive logging software (DDL) 
  • Pipeline compatability with popular survey packages (e.g. Eiva)



High Definition DVRs

HD DVR Inspector

The DVR Inspector HiDef unit is a true H264 compliant MPEG4 DVR. Operation and functions are similar to the basic unit, as are its form. Supporting 1080i and 720i/p input camera resolutions, the DVRi HD optionally has a unique ability to record in both high definition and standard definition and has integrated overlay for navigation information and component ident.

Standard Features include:

  • Integrated high-def overlay with serial inputs
  • Simple operation with automatic file naming - files stored by time and date
  • High storage capacity with RAID security
  • 19” rack mount


  • On screen VU meters


Optional features include:

    • Records composite standard video or SDI hi-def
    • From a high def input - able to record as standard def for routine (save space) and hi-def for anomalies
    • Down scaled composite output for distribution / blackbox or viewing on regular monitor






Hi-Def DVRi


DVRi HD_live_screen



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