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Data Time Tagging


When time accuracy is of pivotal importance to your survey operation, the EIVA ATTU time-tagging unit offers you a simple way of taking the time-tagging feature of EIVA's software to the highest level.ATTU can be applied in any survey set-up that includes EIVA NaviPac and NaviScan navigation and data acquisition software solutions. It comes in two versions: one for rack mounting and one for sub-sea mounting.

Accuracy better than 50 µSec

Knowing the when and where of your sensor data is an essential element when you want optimum accuracy and high-quality data of your survey operations. ATTU ensures a time-tagging accuracy that is better than 50 µSec. This is far superior to what can be obtained through use of the standard clock of an ordinary PC.

Setting survey sail quickly through easy configuration

The rack-mounted unit enables plug’n’play installation into existing solutions – you simply connect the sensors and configure the unit in the intuitive web interface. The ATTU has a multiplexer which converts the serial sensor feeds into a single UDP/IP feed wrapped in the same time format. This, together with the fact that ATTU allows for distributed interfacing through optional location of the ATTU rack unit on the vessel, eliminates complex cabling.

Ideal solution for ROVs with multiple sensors

The sub-sea model of the ATTU time tagging unit consists of a housing comprising electronics, firmware, a number of serial ports and a multiplexer.This solution is ideal for ROVs with multiple sensors fitted, as the multiplexer converts data from serial to IP.

Available as 8, 16 or 24 RS232 ports,  with options for RS422 and RS 485 ports, the ATTU is your communications timing solution.


Wave Rider Bouys

ToughBoy Panchax

The ToughBoy Panchax oceanographic buoy solution offers you the lowest possibletotal cost of ownership on the market. This is achieved through a competitive purchase price together with low service and communications costs. The state-of-the-art, integrated ADCP and thoroughly-tested, advancedwave sensor provide high-precisionwave and current data – the settings and transmission are adjusted according toyour needs, keepingcommunications expenditures at a minimum as well. From harbour monitoring,subsea engineering pre-surveysto wave energy studies and any type of wave and current measurement surveysin between, the ToughBoyPanchax is the optimum choice. Additional sensors can be fitted as optionalextras, creating an oceanographic buoy that perfectly matches the setup you’re looking for.

The ToughBoy Panchax is designed to eliminate complications such as losingthe acquired data or the wave buoyitself, or having to deal with extensive and costly service procedures on aregular basis.

Buoy web_250.355


ScanFish III

The ScanFish III range is the next generation of EIVA's proven ROTV solution that has always made the grade in terms of efficiency and durability. There are four models to chose from.

Rocio - Multi-purpose ROTV for oceanographic surveys


Katria - Intelligent wide-sweep ROTV for magnetometer surveys


Konia - Cost effective ROTV for sound velocity profiling


Tropheus - High-speed ROTV for UXO operations


ScanfishIII web


ScanFish-Katria web



Oceanographic winches



The OceanEnviroTM product range offers you six different high-quality and cost-effective electrical winches for deployment of oceanographic and hydrographic equipment.
Whether you are looking to tow sonars, magnetometers, etc, or to vertically deploy equipment such as ADCPs, CTDs and the like, the OceanEnviroTM product range will fit your exact needs. By choosing the exact size and features you want, you save both money and deck space.

Cost-effective solution tailored to your needs 

The OceanEnviroTM product range offers you maximum tow cable lengths ranging from 600 metres to 3,400 metres, drum diameters from 250 millimetres to 490 millimetres, and motor power from 1.5 kilowatts to 10.4 kilowatts – just to mention a few of the options available through the six models.
The combination of an electronic level wind and a slip ring unit for the tow cable makes for better winch performance and minimum wear and tear. The frame and plate components protecting the winch are made of AISI 316 marine stainless steel, which vastly reduces the risk of corrosion. This means that by choosing an OceanEnviroTM winch you get a cost-effective solution.

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Ship's and Survey Motion Sensors


A pitch and roll semsor designed for low cost but accurate measurement of a vessels movement.

Ideal for vessel monitoring or single beam echosounding.


A full motion sensor with GPS aiding, the S-108 can be used for vessel monitoring, multi beam

surveys and is certified for use in helideck operations.

SMC S_108ver4

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