Dutch and Belgium Pilots buy PPU from AD Navigation

AD Navigation is to supply the Dutch and Belgium Marine Pilots with high-end Portable Pilot Units (PPU)

AD Navigation has introduced a step change in PPU technology with its ADX range and is setting a new standard within that sector. AD Navigation is proud to announce that the Marine Pilots of The Netherlands and Belgium have recently placed and order for 25 of its top end PPU model, the ADX XR. The order for the 25 high precision ADX XR systems has been negotiated via AD Navigation’s dealer in the Netherlands, QPS B.V.. Delivery is taking place this month.

The ADX XR is a wireless PPU system that communicates with the Pilot’s portable ECS via standard wireless technology. The complete system, delivered in a specially designed backpack, comprises only of three small, lightweight, ruggedized POD units, easing transportation and installation under a variety of conditions. The design of the ADX XR is in accordance with the POADSS (Portable Operational Approach and Docking Support System) concept, which was developed under the European Marine project.

The order concludes several months of intensive development to meet the exacting standards required by the Dutch Pilot Organisation. After testing, the Pilots from the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp Harbour acknowledged the superior performance of the system. Capt. Wim van Buuren, of the Dutch Pilot Organisation, commented:

“Our requirement from PPU technology is probably the most demanding within the industry. The performance of the new ADX XR not only meets but also surpasses our specifications and operational requirements. Of special benefit is the extended baseline feature, this gives unmatched heading and Rate of Turn accuracy, which is crucial for reliable Docking and Lock Approach applications”.

The Dutch Pilots have chosen the Dual SIM version of the ADX XR system. This feature, unique to the ADX XR PPU, incorporates two modems allowing reception of RTCM RTK corrections via two different GPRS/UMTS providers. Automatic selection of provider minimizes loss of corrections resulting in almost zero downtime; continuous high precision RTK positioning during docking and lock approach translates to extreme reliability. For this agreement, the ADX XR will be supplied with the QPS Qastor software. The ADX can also be used along with most ECS systems in the market via the standard NMEA output.

For more information, please refer to our partner's website: www.adnav.com.


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