EIVA NaviModel service pack 4.2.1 released

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NaviModel 4.2.1 has been released and is available at the  EIVA Download site  


3D/4D modelling and visualisation

NaviModel allows subsea professionals to work with high-performance digital terrain models in 2D, 3D and 4D. The software features high-tech tools for model analyses and manipulations. Features include:

  • Eventing (NaviModel Producer only)
  • Cleaning (NaviModel Producer only)
  • Point cloud stitching (NaviModel Producer only)
  • Line and area digitisation (NaviModel Producer only)
  • View projects and change view settings
  • Generate DTMs/point clouds from XYZ or any other supported data
  • Analysis tools such as cross profiles, volume calculations, difference models, distances / free span, gap analysis, etc
  • Re-grouping of data, cut, merge, etc
  • Fuse data (3D drawings, seabed, mosaic, etc)
  • Generate fly-throughs/videos
  • Save and export
  • 3D object integration
  • Unlimited model sizes
  • Inspection and eventing
  • Automatic cleaning (EC-3D)
  • Analysis and calculation tools (volume/area, cross/length profile, etc)
  • Video and GIS integration


See NaviModel videos 

Sonar, sensor and laser data acquisition

NaviScan acquires data from all major pipe/cable trackers and sonars on the market, including multibeam echo sounders, scanning and profiling sonars and conventional side-scan sonars. Features include:


  • Laser/LiDAR, side-scan and multi-beam acquisition
  • Real-time sensor monitoring
  • Sensor-compensated real-time digital terrain model
  • Sonar coverage display
  • Sonar waterfall display
  • 2D and 3D real-time display


Video examples

Real-time sonar data acquisition in NaviScan

NaviScan Online allows for acquisition, recording and playback of raw sensor and sonar data to ensure ultimate flexibility during data processing. The real-time display utilises data quality control by means of time series plots, coverage plots and sensor statistics.

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