IVM Technologies
New ORUS 3D on ROV 680_400

IVM Technologies is a new name in the photogrammetry market, but they are not new to that technology. Emerging, as a wholly independant company, from Comex A/S, the IVM Technologies team were at the heart and soul of the development of the ORUS3D system, the worlds first fully integrated photogrammetric solution for the ROV and diving market. Now, due to a strategic move by Comex A/S away from developing, manufacturing and providing photogrammetry services, IVM Technologies are taking on the mantle to develop the technology further and to produce products that are more easy to use and don't need experts to operate. The company plans to maintain a service base for some time but shall develop trainign programs to allow the product to be used in ever more subsea inspection, decommissioning and modelling projects.

NETmc MarineBuilding blocks

NETmc Marine hs been at the cutting edge of the digital video revolution since the start of the millennium. With market knowledge drawn from over 40 years accumulative filed experience, it is the perfect partner to provide solutions for your digital video aquisition projects. The subsea structure and pipeline inspection market has been at the core of NETmc Marine’s business from the very beginning. Whether it be structures or pipelines NETmc Marine has a video solution for divers and ROVs for the integrity market. It has developed a one-fits-all DVR and Over Ethernet High Definition camera systems for ROV and divers that supports industry standard inspection software, including itsown E-Inspect package; developed as a flexible and low cost solution for inspection companies. NETmc Marine equipment is also applicable to the general marine, renewables and military markets as well as the onshore energy inspection market.

SonotronicsSON diver_receiversmall

Founded in 1971, Sonotronics is THE Pioneer in Acoustic Telemetry for Animal tracking. Providing Ultrasonic Transmitters, Receivers and Hydrophones for Tracking Animals and Equipment underwater.

Sonotronics products are used around the world in every ocean, and in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers while working together to make a difference in the world we share. manufacturing a range of passive and active tracking equipment, and having cross manufacturer tracking ability, as well as Europen Tracking Network (ETN) compliant equipment, Sonotronics offer one of the widest ranges of transmitters on the market. With transmitters as small as 16mm in length and 7.1mm in diameter, Sonotronics is your perfect partner for low cost acoustic tracking down to 4000m. AND now Sonotronics tags ar ENT compatible.


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