Marine Software Range from RUCO

Navigation & Data Acquisition

EIVA's NaviPac is an integrated navigation software package, providing navigation and positioning information in support of any marine survey project, as well as offshore engineering and construction operations.


Multibeam/ROV Survey Data Acquisition

EIVA's NaviScan software designed for vessel and ROV/AUV based marine surveys provides real-time collection and display of data from multibeam echosounders, side scan sonars, scanning and profiling sonars, pipe-trackers etc.


Survey Data Editing

The EIVA NaviEdit data editing software is designed specifically for editing of marine survey data from singlebeam and multibeam echosounders, scanning sonars, pipe-trackers as well as all survey related secondary sensors like GPS, Gyro, Doppler Log, RPH sensor, etc.


Survey Modelling

EIVA's NaviModel provides advanced tools for generation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) as Triangular Regular Network models (TRN) or Triangular Irregular Network (TIN) models.



The EIVA NaviPlot software provides lay out of survey data on fair sheet for printing on any Windows enabled printer or plotter. The fair sheet comprises various elements and data types, and allows mixing of various mapping data in different frames for overlay with scale bar, colour palette, text, XY-grid and north arrow. NaviPlot features sorting of elements to allow more important elements stand out on top of less important.


Current Flow Analysis

Need to evaluate ADCP data? Then the General Acoustics LOG_aFlow software was designed for you. You will be able to generate flow charts showing velocity, vorticity (turbulence) and divergence with Hydrodynamic information on every point of time and location.


Sonar Mosaics

Chesapeake Technologies SonarWiz.MAP software has become the industry standard product for rapidly producing sidescan sonar mosaics in both real-time and post-processing. Now, the same great user interface can be applied to high-resolution sub-bottom data acquisition and processing.


Featured Product

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