Inspection Software

Digital Dive Log (DDL)

DDL is a striped down version of NETmc Marine's Iintegrated Video Manager, the video matrix control and "DVR fall over redundancy management is gone, but the overlay control stays and the event log is improved.

The Digital Dive Log (DDL) is an interactive electronic dive log for use with the NETmc Marine DVR Inspector or X-Ops DVR. The software can run on the DVR itself or on a separate PC* and automates the input of data normally recorded during ROV and diving operations.

  *if being used remotely, DDLr will take over all functions / control of a DVRi and some of the features of an XOPs depending on the spec of unit. A VPN network connection may be required between the DDL PC and the XOPs to preserve video integrity*


Intuitive, simple to use menu boxes allow the setup of project information.

Client / vessel name / location etc can be entered.

These menus are also used to load back in job information - with summaries of how many video clips / still shots were taken.






Created specifically for the Hess annual inspection program in 2004, E-Inspect is a database driven inspection tool designed to work with our DVRi recorders and compliment our hosted integrity websites.

The software is taken offshore with a pre-programmed list of components and structures which have to be inspected, along with notes and supporting information (drawings / photos) to aid the inspection.

A 'task complete' note in the list allows the inspection coordinator to see that all components have been inspected and that the job is complete thus reducing the risk of missing items from the inspection.

Any number of projects can be setup with perhaps a different site being allocated a different project.

When a component has been selected, the reporting form is displayed. It gives the engineer a summary of the component, the inspection method and access to any relevant documents. The form has the recording controls for the DVRi and space for the engineer to write comments. Any anomalies can then be recorded separately using the video clip function.

Video file names and paths are automatically updated based on the component being inspected for example, the video file will contain the component indent + time + date, e.g. PL515_56_176_17-10-2005_19-13-02.mpg.

An integrated overlay management tool will not only provide running headers (time / date / client name / job title etc) but will be dynamically updated with the component ID tag of the current item. There is also a free text tool which allows the users to flash up additional information on the video screen.


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